"Without music, life would be a mistake."

4:00am: Grab a guitar, rip a tuner and an overdrive pedal off my pedalboard

6:09am: Flight from Nashville, TN to Dallas, TX

9:25am: Flight from Dallas, TX to Austin, TX

12:45pm: Load in at first venue

1:35pm: Stage changeover and line check

2:15pm: 35 minute set for YouTube

2:45pm: Grab gear and walk/ run to next venue

4:00pm: Load in at second venue

4:25pm: Stage changeover and line check

4:45pm: 35 minute set for UMG

5:30pm: Pack up as quickly as possible and run to meet car service

6:49pm: Flight from Austin, TX to Dallas, TX

10:05pm: Flight from Dallas, TX to Nashville, TN

And that is what it's like to play SXSW.

#SXSW #Elixir #G7th #CouchStraps #Duesenberg #Austin #Music #DAddario #MickeyGuyton

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