"Let's me and you post up and Lady-and-the-Tramp that porterhouse." More romantic words had never been spoken. Following Jackson's lead, the nine of us at Morton's for an early bird beef-off in celebration of our impending 4am lobby call; we were in New York, after all. Our feast was promptly followed by Jackson comic book shopping while the rest of us found a jazz club close to our hotel. Needless to say, our call time came way too soon. For those who have ever been curious about how a morning show operates... 3:50am: All our gear is loaded in the Sprinter van and we depart for the GMA studios. 3:55am: We realize we left Joanna, Mickey's background vocalist, in the lobby of the hotel. (Our driver was given an incorrect headcount.) Sorry, Joanna! 4:00am: Pick up Joanna and depart for the GMA studios. 4:10am: Arrive at GMA and check in with security. 4:20am: Throw our gear on stage and do a quick line check. 4:45am: Head to dressing rooms and work up shorter arrangements of "Better Than You Left Me." 5:00am: Wait. 6:00am: Wait. 7:00am: Wait. 8:00am: Mickey arrives. Wait. 8:30am: Return to stage. Play live bumper (20 second teaser) of "Forever Love." 8:35am: "Better Than You Left Me" practice run. At this point, GMA was already in the middle of their live broadcast so we had to run our rehearsals during commercial breaks. Our set was located about 20 feet to the side of the main news desk. These studios are much, much smaller than you'd think. 8:45am-ish: Interview followed by the live performance of "Better Than You Left Me." 9:00am: Pack up and rush to the airport. It was a whirlwind, but we had an absolute blast. What a great experience! Thank you for having us, Good Morning America! If you're interested in purchasing "Better Than You Left Me," touch/click the song title anywhere on this page and you'll be taken directly to the iTunes store. Happy listening!

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